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About Air Test and Balance
Air testing and balancing is a process that measures and adjusts the supply air distribution of a given HVAC system. The purpose of testing and balancing an HVAC system is to supply each conditioned zone with the precise amount of supply air required to offset a given heat gain (or loss).This process is typically performed after an HVAC system has been installed. The amount of airflow into each zone is determined from the mechanical design plans.However, air testing and balancing is also performed in response to certain cases of occupant thermal discomfort. If occupant thermal discomfort exists in a building with a properly sized and balanced HVAC system, fine tuning adjustments to supply registers may be necessary to satisfy all occupants.

Certified Air Test and Balance
In either case, Enviro Team North America has the ability to properly test and balance HVAC systems. Our staff includes consultants trained and certified by the National Balancing Council in the field of commercial HVAC air and hydronic testing & balancing.

Duct Leakage Assessment
A duct leakage assessment is a process that quantifies the total amount of duct leakage throughout a given HVAC system. Total duct leakage is quantified by pressurizing a duct system to a known pressure and measuring the rate at which the pressure reduces.

  • Hygiene Assessments
  • Ventilation Assessments
  • HVAC Assessments per ASHRAE Standards
  • Temp/Humidity/Dew Point Monitoring
  • Humidity Control

Thermal Comfort
Thermal comfort is a condition where individual(s) express the satisfaction or dissatisfaction within the thermal environment. The thermal environment is those characteristics of the environment which affects a person's heat loss, which in turn may cause thermal discomfort. In terms of individual’s senses, thermal comfort or discomfort is a sensation of hot, warm, slightly warmer, neutral, slightly cooler, cool and cold.

Relative humidity and ambient temperature become the most critical factors for maintaining satisfactory thermal comfort. Unfortunately, however, temperature preferences vary greatly among individuals and there is no one temperature that can satisfy everyone. Therefore, maintaining consistent thermal conditions in the environment (office/home) is very important.

We are available to assist our clients in understanding the cause(s) associated with thermal discomfort, We also have the required experience and equipment to evaluate complex thermal issues in residential and commercial settings.

Heat Gain / Heat Loss Analysis
A heat gain / heat loss analysis is a process by which the amount of heat entering (or exiting) a building is quantified. The reason that the total heat entering (or exiting) a building must be determined is to properly size the heating / cooling equipment for the building.

A building’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning) system has two main functions: controlling indoor temperature and controlling indoor moisture levels. A properly sized HVAC system will maintain indoor temperature and moisture levels at a given design condition. HVAC systems that are too small for a given application will have trouble maintaining indoor set point temperatures during peak load times. HVAC systems that are too large for a given application will have trouble maintaining indoor moisture levels within an acceptable range. Both cases can lead to different forms of occupant thermal discomfort.

Enviro Team North America has the ability to perform heat gain / heat loss calculations on both residential and commercial buildings to assist our clients on a variety of projects.


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