HVAC is crucial to maintaining a healthy property

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Controlling indoor environments require the proper function of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems (HVAC). Unfortunately, when not properly operating, the HVAC system can be responsible for mold growth, odors, building product damage and damage to furnishings. Additionally, the HVAC system is also responsible for a significant amount of energy cost to homes and buildings.

Assessment & Treatment of HVAC Issues

Assessing and identifying the problems with HVAC systems requires specialized knowledge of control systems, building design, heat load characteristics, and HVAC design. With more than 30 years of experience with HVAC system service, design, and assessments, our clients can rest assured that they have selected the right team.

Common HVAC problems include:

  • Poor humidity control
  • Poor temperature control
  • High operational cost as a result of HVAC equipment not operating at peak performance
  • Poor hygiene (i.e. dirty cooling coils, microbial growth, damaged fiberglass insulation)
  • Sweating ducts or condensation on building products
  • Improper building pressurization
  • Odor problems (i.e. dirty sock syndrome)
  • Duct cleanliness & Hygiene

Our HVAC system diagnostic and testing procedures include:

  • Air test and balancing *Associated with thermal discomfort & performance of systems.
  • Temperature, humidity and dew point diagnostics (recorded and direct reading procedures)
  • Diagnostics with heat gain and heat loss calculations
  • System hygiene assessments using, borescope laser particle profiling procedures
  • Specifications duct cleaning
  • Air filtration efficiency
  • Building pressurization
  • Air exchange calculations
  • Odor problems associated with the HVAC system
  • Blower door – building leakage and tightness evaluations
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