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Enviro Team North America has been assessing residential properties for contractors, individual homeowners, estate management companies and associations for over 15 years. Our company consists of individuals with years of knowledge and experience in multiple aspects of mechanical systems, construction methods and techniques, window and door installations, plan drawings and water/vapor intrusion.

We are well versed in the latest indoor air quality assessments regarding volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), mold concerns, particulates, allergens and odors. We offer specific product testing and quality control/quality assurance programs tailored to suit the needs of homeowners and contractors alike. Whether our client is a homeowner, contractor, or management/association, we understand the needs and limitations associated with each scenario.

Expert Property Analysis via our Proven Process

Enviro Team North America values our relationships with our clients and understands that any home or indoor air quality related issue can be costly to address and correct. We will always assist our clients in the identification, correction, and prevention of these issues and strive to offer the highest quality services as cost-effective as possible to allow the clients’ resources to be used to correct the issues.

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Our Residential Properties Services

Water Intrusion Assessments

Water Loss Assessments

Indoor Environment Testing

Indoor Air Testing

HVAC Diagnostics

Microbiological Testing of Air and Water

Mold Testing of Air and Water

Odor Assessments

Remediation Protocols

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