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The perception of the indoor air quality by individuals is also related to odors within buildings and homes. Some humans have the ability to sense odors at very low thresholds. Because odors are subjective in nature, and the odor sensitivity varies amongst individuals it is not unusual for some individuals to express dissatisfaction while others will not complain. Individuals often times associate malodors (offensive or unpleasant odor) with their health, which may or may not be the case.

In any event, individuals expressing dissatisfaction as a result of a malodors are likely to result in an in indoor air quality complaint. In some cases the identification of an odor can be relatively easy if the source is readily identified. However the source of some odors can be elusive and resolving these type of odor problems may require more time and in some cases the use of sophisticated air sampling tools.

Our Approach to Identifying and Eliminating Nasty Odors

Enviro Team North America has significant experience in assessing malodors from both outdoor environments and indoor environments. It is our past experience that allows us to resolve many of the odor problems that building owners encounter. Our approach to assessing indoor environments for odors usually begins with an initial phone discussion with our client. In some cases we are able to assist our client over the phone without incurring any additional cost. More complex odor problems may be addressed by conducting a site investigation and in some cases may require the use of specific or general air testing parameters. Enviro Team North America maintains direct reading air testing instrumentation which can be utilized in the field. Although somewhat rare, air sampling methodologies requiring off-site lab analysis can be performed also.

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