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Building design often requires a team of different individuals from a variety of professions to work together. As such, the review of building designs should be done by qualified individuals who are well-versed in the same variety of professions. At Enviro Team North America, each day involves the interaction of individuals with years of knowledge and experience in areas ranging from construction design and deficiencies to mechanical system analysis.

A Pre-Construction review by our team can be beneficial to both architects and engineers in that Enviro Team North America often has the luxury of seeing all aspects of a project from beginning to end. We are experienced in typical problems that can arise on the construction site and the necessary steps to correct these problems. We often act as a bridge between the architect/engineer and the contractor to aid in the corrective process of a given building flaw.

Building Relationships that Last

Enviro Team North America values our relationships with our clients and understands the need for companies to have an effective Quality Assurance/Quality Control program. We can assist our clients in the identification, correction, and prevention of design/construction defects and strives to offer cutting edge solutions to construction problems.

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