Water Loss Incidents

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Water loss incidents can be a costly occurrence and, when not dealt with properly, can often result in extensive damages, mold growth, and remediation. These incidents can vary in size and scope and can be caused by water intrusion through building envelopes, a result of severe weather or hurricane damages, potable plumbing leaks, pipe breaks, etc. They can occur in all types of structures from residential homes to commercial high-rises and in both older buildings and buildings under construction. However, if these types of incidents are dealt with properly and in a timely manner, the loss can be kept to a minimum.

Assessment & Treatment of Water Loss Issues

When responding to a water loss incident, Enviro Team North America uses state of the art thermal imaging equipment and moisture detection equipment to document the extent of water damaged materials. This information can then be used by the client and the water restoration contractor to ensure that the proper areas are targeted and that materials are dried in a timely manner. We can also assist by monitoring the affected materials to ensure that any drying efforts were effective and to provide third-party documentation of the efforts.

Our Services Include:

  • Thermal Imaging
  • Moisture Assessment
  • Remediation Plans
  • Monitoring During Remediation
  • Post-Remediation Assessments
  • Evaluating causes of water intrusion or water damages
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