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Healthcare facilities are comprised of complex building systems and patient care systems where the modification of one component can affect the overall cohesiveness of the building system and can result in situations which can endanger patients. Addressing issues under these conditions requires a comprehensive understanding of these systems and their relationships with each other. Furthermore, due to the fact that healthcare facility occupants can include immunocompromised individuals, individuals with infectious diseases and other high risk groups, any work or testing becomes more critical.

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Enviro Team North America has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to properly address a variety of building and indoor air quality related issues. Including but not limited to, water or water vapor intrusion through the building envelope, poor thermal control, employee complaints, odor issues, concerns regarding indoor air quality and/or mold issues and the development of remediation plans and remediation oversight including on-site monitoring to provide an enhanced level of protection for the patients.

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Environmental Infection Control

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